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Volunteer or help

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There are many ways to help us.  


We need support in Madagascar from specialists in many fields.  You can also volunteer to help Association FILANA from home by doing graphic design, doing marketing for our programs, help us to make our fundrsaising go viral, recruit volunteers, set up a local group, wow, the possibilities are just about endless.


We are glad to accept donations of goods to use in Madagascar, either for us in our office, or at the reserve, or to distribute in Manafiafy village.  Postage costs to Madagascar are very high and customs duties are very expensive, so goods can only be accepted delivered on the ground in Madagascar.


Or, you can come to volunteer at the reserve.  Our voluntering posts are all advertised directly on the reserve website here.


We also are interested in hearing from groups and individuals who would like to do research in Madagascar in our fields of interest.  Information about research is also on the reserve website, here.

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